Elder Merrill's Current Address

Elder Merrill's Current Address

Elder Nathaniel Merrill
Philippines Baguio Mission
PO Box 7 (po box for letters only)
Brgy: San Vicente East
Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 2428

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Hey I got two packages this week, there is a funny story with one.  Last Tuesday I lost my glasses.  I wok e up in the morning and they were definitely nowhere to be found, I assumed that they would  turn up, but until now they have not been seen.  Tuesday is also district meeting. We went to district meeting in Urdaneta and while there I was given two packages.  One of those packages contained contacts and although I still don't have glasses I didn't even go through a single day sightless.
    This week I met an interesting person named Lourdes Tabelin.  She is John Bytheway's first convert.  She told me she was the first baptism in a certain area and then later mentioned that was John Bytheway's first area, and now she lives in Pozorrubio.  She had a lot of things saved that  Elder Bytheway had given her. She also told us some stories about Elder Bytheway back then.  Sister Tabelin also has a big Pit Bull.  A very nice and friendly pit bull, but big nonetheless.  Elder De Jesus is afraid of dogs, really afraid of dogs.  When we got to that house, the Pit Bull was very excited to see people, it had a leash, but it very much wanted of the leash.  I could tell it was playful and nice, but Elder De Jesus didn't want to go anywhere near it. When they saw he was afraid they decided to help his fear.  They went to the dog to calm him down, and then took him of the leash to bring him closer and show that he was friendly.  Elder De Jesus was not happy with this change.  I told them to put the dog back,and they did and then we were able to go into the house.
        Speaking of dogs, I got attacked by one.  Probably doesn't help Elder De Jesus'  fear very much.  The dog tried to bite my leg, but instead bounced of my leg like there was a wall an inch in front of my leg, which left it stunned and then we walked away.  The dog didn't even touch my pant leg.   That is the first dog that I've met that is aggressive in any way, the rest just run away from me.  This week we found a lot of Less Active member.  It is interesting to see the Less Active members because a lot of them know the truth.  One less active would ask us trivia type questions about the church and then answer them to prove he knew about the church.  When he arrived at  his house he said' Elders I am immersed in sin.'  He essentially knows everything he should do but doesn't do it.  He even used to work with missionaries when he was a teenager.  He stopped going to church because his friends aren't members and he wants to keep them.  Another less active told us they don't go to church because they don't want to face a certain member.  It is very sad to see people who know but still don't go to church.
     This last week I gave a few blessings to some members.  One blessing I gave was to Sister Gladys Mundo because she is pregnant and wanted her child birth to go well. She was particularly worried that her baby was overdue and she wanted the baby to come soon to avoid any possible problems.  I asked her when her due date was...May 1st.  She said she got a check up and the doctor said she wasn't closer to having her baby now than she was then.  I gave her a blessing Sunday night (Yesterday) and said her baby would be coming soon and the Lord would take care of everything.  We got a text this morning at 8am that said she has had the baby.  12 hours from the blessing to the child birth that doctors said would not be happening any time soon.
Those aren't all my events I'd like to share, but it will have to do for this week.

Good luck to you all and have a wonderful week,
                                                                          Elder Nathaniel J. Merrill

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