Elder Merrill's Current Address

Elder Merrill's Current Address

Elder Nathaniel Merrill
Philippines Baguio Mission
PO Box 7 (po box for letters only)
Brgy: San Vicente East
Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 2428

Monday, April 2, 2012

Agoo 3

So... I am getting transferred. Our Transfer awareness meeting isn't until Wednesday, so usually I wouldn't know by now, but Elder Fraser is training a new missionary in this area so I know I am not going to be here. We had to go down to Urdaneta last week to the mission home for a train the trainers meeting, President Jensen told us that if you are attending the meeting, either you are training or transferring. It will be good to move on to a new area, but at the same time I shall miss my area here in Agoo. We have a lot of less actives and investigators progressing and coming to church. Actually Yesterday we had an investigator bear her testimony in Sacrament meeting. The last few transfers have been good. We have had a lot of less actives return to church, at this point some are still a little shaky, but some have become firm fully active members. No one has been baptized in Agoo3 in the last 3 transfers, but some people I am teaching will be. We have a baptismal interview for three of our investigators scheduled this week and they should be baptized the week after I leave. Although I won't see their baptism I am thankful that they have come to know this church is true. I am grateful that they have received the Gospel with open hearts.
Because conference is delayed a week here, Yesterday was not conference but fast Sunday. We don't very often have people offer to feed us dinner, and certainly only very rarely would we have two in one day, but Saturday night, after we had begun our fast two families offered to feed us. Oh well. This last Sunday I fasted for an investigator family. Particularly that they would be able to come to church. They had been to church for about one month, but said they probably couldn't come this week. The Father said he had a driving job, he was going to leave Saturday night to drive to Manila and then wouldn't return until after church on Sunday. Well on Sunday he showed up to church, we asked him why, and he told us that his boss called and canceled for that day so he was able to come to church after all. It was very truly and clearly an answer to an earnest fast and prayer. Another good experience last week is that we found a new family to teach. We were simply walking down the street at night, and I thought we should stop at a house that had a light on. We were met at the door by a man we had taught quickly on the street once. He was glad to invite us in and we taught his family. His younger brother was very interested in our message and the family invited us to come back. It was such a miraculous find for us, we feel truly led by the Lord in all we do.
This week we also got to bless the oldest woman in the world... maybe. A less active family we were going to teach this week wasn't home when we came by. We kept going by because they had been receptive and were coming back to church. Eventually we came by when the Father was home and he told us his grandmother was in the hospital. He asked us to come bless her with him. We went to the hospital, (which I will add is not quite the same as the hospitals I've been to in the States) and we blessed his Grandmother. Later when we asked the family how old she was they said she was born in 1904. I have no doubt that she is old, after all her Grandson is 37 and has his own family, but I don't know if I believe 108 years old. Regardless it was a good experience, it also shows that this less active family is beginning to trust us because they asked us to give this blessing.
Anyway it has been another good week in Agoo. I only have 1 more.

Good luck to you all and have a wonderful week,

Elder Nathaniel J. Merrill

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