Elder Merrill's Current Address

Elder Merrill's Current Address

Elder Nathaniel Merrill
Philippines Baguio Mission
PO Box 7 (po box for letters only)
Brgy: San Vicente East
Urdaneta City, Pangasinan 2428

Sunday, November 4, 2012

       So this week I got my new companion.  I am training Elder Sta.Ana.  Which is pronounced Santa Ana. like saint.  Essentially I train people with very religious double names.  De Jesus, Sta.Ana... I believe they are the only two like that in the mission.  Elder Sta.Ana is from Bicol region and is very good.  Also everyone in Bicol knows how to cook and Elder Sta.Ana is no exception. Bicol is also famous for liking to eat spicy food so we shall probably be eating hot foods this transfer.  I am pretty excited to work with him and for this transfer in general.  It will be a good transfer.  I would send some pictures but I forgot my card reader so sorry.          At transfer meeting I saw the missionaries from Pozorrubio and asked them about my investigators over there.  They told me that some of them are being baptized soon so I am excited for them.  There is one family I found in Pozorrubio that was just amazing, but had a ton of trials.  They were progressing when I left and I knew they'd get baptized, well now they finally are, it's pretty exciting for me.  

       This week was also very good.  The last few transfers we had a lot of people coming to church but not as many that consistently come.  Now we have a pretty good pool of investigators and less actives coming to church, and of course others as well that we hope will become regulars.  It's kind of nice though to have people you can really depend on to come.  We have a lot of people that are returning to church as well as a lot of people that should be baptized soon.  
       There is a street in our area called New Street, and this week we got 5 referrals all for people on New Street.  We have been up and down that street teaching a ton of people.  We met some less actives there, taught some new investigators it has been pretty successful.  The other thing that I've noticed is  that a lot of the youth seem to have an increasing desire to serve missions.  While many have always wanted to, most of the mission age had stated that they will finish school first.  Now we have 5 that are planning on leaving in January.  Before there was 1 so we are pretty excited for them.   We are looking forward to a good transfer here in Lingayen.  I am excited and Elder Sta.Ana is a great companion.
Have a good week, keep your head up, and smile.
                                             Elder Nathaniel J. Merrill

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